We empower our community to make effective use of media for civic participation, cultural exchange, and creative expression.

Portland Community Media (PCM) is a nonprofit, public benefit organization dedicated to promoting local, non-commercial media developed and produced in the community, by the community and for the community.

Since 1981, we have provided equipment and training courses for individuals and organizations to utilize cablecast and other forms of media distribution as a means of communication, civic involvement, artistic and cultural expression and community development.

PCM broadcasts locally produced television programming on six channels: Community Access Network (CAN 11), Independent Television Network (ITN 22 and ITN 23), Pulse of Portland (POP 29) and CityNet 30.

Portland Community Media’s multimedia education program provides training, tools, and support that enable community members to conceive and create digital media, produce programs for public access distribution, and to examine media critically. The program serves community members, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, government agencies and businesses, with access to cable channels at no cost.

To produce a program using PCM’s equipment and facilities, individuals need to take a equipment certification workshop, though anyone is welcome to participate in our workshops.

PCM also offers: